Friday, January 27, 2012

New Year, New Diet, New Life

Right now I'm watching The Simpsons and listening to the heavy rain. I hate rain! I feel like doing nothing when its raining.... Thank god I went to the gym this morning because theres no way I'm getting up now!
I'm unemployed and single, things didn't have the best start this 2012, but I'm gonna change that! At least I'm back at my apartment without my mom's constant checking on me. That was a little upsetting.

I've been trying this new diet pills to supress my appetite, and its actually working. I take 1 before going to the gym in the mornings and dont feel hungry until lunch.
So far today:

A banana........................................ 206
Two whole wheat crackers................. 34
Two slices of cheese....................... 156
Granola Bar.................................... 120

516 Calories.

I'm gonna make a salad right now and I guess thats it for the rest of the day!
I'm so happy to read all about you guys again! We're on this together.
Think thin!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm sorry for dissapearing!

I'm sorry for dissapearing!
Could you all forgive me and be friends with me again?

Its been a while since my last post and I thought I should let you all know what happened....

1)  I went to Paris and although I wasn't as skinny as I wanted to, I felt pretty great about myself and ended up meeting a guy there. He's french and his name is Eddy. Work was boring as always, but being in Paris just gave me a huge new perspective of what I wanted for my life. I stayed longer than the week I was supposed to stay there. First because I missed my flight! I know, I'm very stupid, the truth is I wasn't ready to leave the city. Eddy is 34 and that was something new too. He taught me so much about a lot of things, but when I told him I had to go back he couldn't understand it and things ended.

2)  I came back and decided to start a new diet because all the drinking and desserts I had in Paris. Well, I tried to start a new blog again but work got really really crazy and my boss was hating me because I decided to stay longer than planned. She threw me all her work plus mine. I wasn't eating at all.... I think I lost like 8 pounds in a week. But it was no good. I fainted on an event we had at the office and my parents got really concerned about my health.

3) I resigned from my job and was forced to move back to my hometown under supervision of my mom. Then started to go to the doctor and started to gain weight again. I guess I got healthier, but that also means fatter. And now almost 4 months after all this crap, I came back to my apartment to discover I am 154.7 pounds.

I don't blame you for not wanting to read me or be supportive anymore, I don't deserve it. I just wanted you to know what I was going through, and if I didn't answer your messages was only because I had too much going on.

I can not thank you enough for all the support you gave me, and I would love if you could go in a new journey with me. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 2 MONTHS!