Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 27

Well, my plans for the weekend were basically thrown away and were replaced with a lot of partying. Im hating this monday more than ever! Too much alcohol and bad decisions.
I didnt run, I didnt exercise, I didnt eat healthy and did I mention in addition to all this I had pizza last night! peperoni! like 5 or 6 slices. Im a pig.

Ok. I hope everyones weekend was better than mine. Clean start now thats monday. But I hate myself for putting all that crap into my body. Surprisingly I didnt gain that much. I expected a lot this morning on the scale but it was not that bad.

Im at the office now, my boss baked some weird french dessert this weekend and decided to share it with my this morning! grrrrrr! I couldnt say no, of course, I thought I could throw it away later, but she was like "please try some and tell me how it tastes!" oh dear god! shes very difficult! I had to tho.

The plan for today is this super healthy chop suey place I found. Only veggies and a small portion of rice. I already had my 2 cups of coffee for breakfast and dinner will be a little hard because I invited Phil for dinner... we need to talk, I didnt see him all weekend. He totally disappeared and didnt call me since thursday, he wouldnt answer my calls either! what a douche! anyway... he wanted to go out and have a "talk" but I was like, I´ll cook and we can talk in my apartment. I figured it would be better, I can make something healthy and dont have the temptation of desserts. About him, well... I dont know where we are now. I guess its over. we´ll see what happens tonight.

stay strong ladies! I miss you all!
I will comment  back on all of your blogs tonight.


  1. I hate it when people want me to try their food. It's like, "piss off!"
    Pizza gets me too. Gosh. I could eat tons of the stuff. :/

  2. oh dear i had pizza this weekend too! i tried my hardest to just eat it as slow as i could and everyone kept looking at me weird... oh well. today is a fresh start again... we can do it!
    good luck with phil!!