Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 28 - Whats the point?

I gain! WTF!
I cant handle this mood changes, this food cravings and all this crap! Phil and I ended things!
Im trying to be mature about it but it just pisses me off he is such a coward and can not fight for us like I want to. oh well.... I guess I shouldnt be making such a big deal about it!, we only went out for 2 weeks..... 2 awesome weeks were he was the sweetest guy ever, 2 weeks were he would call to see how my morning was going and we would meet after work for coffee or a movie. 2 weeks were he told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world, were he told me he wanted to meet my parents and he invited me to miami in october to see his mom. 2 weeks were he introduced me to his friends and all of them told him "Dude, dont screw things up with this girl! shes amazing!!!", he would grab my hand and kiss it and said to them, "I know" seriously...... WTF!!!

I didnt even have sex with him. When I really really like someone, I like to take things slow... we would fool around, and he stayed at my apartment like 3 times and we just had so much fun together everytime! I was falling hard for this kid! and everything is gone now.

Im sorry for the rambling post.... I feel like theres no guy out there for me. Im loosing hope in love, Ive been hurt so many times, you think it should get easier, but it doesnt! and to top that I gain like 2 pounds! hahahaa the universe hates me. period.


  1. it's going to get better :( don't worry. And look on the bright side, you're going to be so thin for paris that you'll realize everyone else wants you anyway ;)

  2. the universe doesn't hate you! don't worry. the sun'll come out tomorrow~ (don't kill me for quoting that song.)

    you'll be fine. hang in there!

  3. He'll understand that he made a mistake and lost amazing girl. I wish I have someone to love me that much even for short time. Don't worry ;3

  4. I miss you and I hope you aren't getting too discouraged, Paris is almost here don't give up yet