Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 10

Good morning!
Today I woke up and hour earlier. Dont know why, I took a shower and turned on the tv after to watch the weather channel when I realized I still had 30minutes of sleep. grrrrr! I went back to bed and tried to sleep for a bit but I couldnt!

The scale today showed 151.8 that sucks! Yesterday I was 151.58!
but I guess its not like a huge difference so Im just gonna let that pass. I might not weight myself every single day. will see if I can resist. I got my period today and I feel bloated! I hate it! Also I get the most horrible cramps and I just wanna rest in bed all day long. Instead Im at work wanting to die.

is there anything prettier than collarbones?
if so tell me.... Im obsessed. I cant wait for mine to pop up like the ones in this pictures!
a tank top just look soooo much better when u can see your clavicle. This will help me through the day :)

I might disappoint some of you today but I think Im gonna have a lot of coffee!!! drinking hot stuff help my cramps go away. so yeah... I bought splenda tho! So at least Im not gonna have any sugar with it.

So far today: Nothing.... I feel sick. I had my pill this morning and around 200ml of water. Im going for that coffee right now! 3rd cup of the day by 4pm. I havent been able to eat anything bc of the cramps. I might die.

Food: 50gr of light peanuts (the label says 120cal)
           3 small cups of coffee (dont count as food but oh well)
Water: 200ml


  1. disapointed in coffee? never! It's zero calorie, some at the most 5 calories for an entire cup, the caffeine increases your heart rate making you burn slightly more calories in your day and it gives you energy that you won't need to get from food!

  2. Collarbones are the most classy thing ever :) and I couldn't go a day without coffee :)

  3. I love collar bones! But I also have this slight obsession with wrist bones. Weird? Like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie, and even Sarah Jessica Parker (who I don't even like that much). I can't wait till my wrist are tiny and feminine and fragile like that:D Sorry about the period, I hate those with a burning passion.
    Stay Strong<3

  4. i love coffee!! :-) stick in there... you always weigh more at the beginning of your period...

  5. Hey thanks so much for the comment and encouragement, it really means a lot to me <3 Love, love, love the collarbone thinspo. Keep up the great work!