Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 4 - My drinking Dilemma!

Hello ladies!
Its day 4 and only my 2nd day as a blogger and I already have some support! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
this is going to be so much easier with your help :)

I wanna loose 22 pounds!
I need to get a new scale! I really dont know how much I weight right now! I just know I dont like what I see in the mirror!

So far today I've had a green apple, 600ml of water and 6 almonds. 

I have a party tonight and dont know if I should go or just stay home! Its a lot of temptation. I drink a lot!!!! I love my vodka, cocktails, sake, tequila, champagne, omg everything!!!! I've been drinking a lot lately and I want it to STOP! its so hard tho, my social life is huge! I always get invited to parties and stuff like that and I just wanna know if any of you have been on the same place.......... what should I do?

think thin! :)

Food: 12 Almonds
          A green apple
          A caesar salad with salmon
Water: 600ml


  1. i know i already commented on the last on with drink ideas... but here are the calorie in one ounce of the following liquors:

    Patron Silver 69 calories
    Jagermeister 103 calories
    Belvedere 64 calories
    Grey Goose 69 calories
    Kettle One 69 calories
    Jameson 69 calories
    Crown Royal 69 calories
    Henessy 69 calories
    Bailey’s 90 calories
    Bacardi 65 calories
    151 rum 122 calories
    Bombay Sapphire 79 calories
    Whiskey 55 calories
    Jack Daniels 81 calories
    Jim Beam 69 calories
    Southern Comfort 46 calories

    A good drink shot for Southern Comfort is: SoCo and lime. Make sure you get a lime wedge and not lime juice. Take the shot then suck on the lime. It's not the best but its ok.

    Hope this helps....

  2. I too drink everywhere I go, and combined with fasting, heavy dieting etc it can be a prob I'm still working on. Try drinking less for starters?
    Good luck with everything:))

  3. You can do it! Also.. what I used to do is calculate the amount of kcal I can have on drinks and have only that many in the night. :)