Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 12

Oh my...
Im so glad I went to that party yesterday :) it was a blast! I had the best time ever and was so happy to see all my friends. I ended up having to glasses of vodka and 2 SF redbulls. I was doing great but there was so much liquor involved that sometimes when we were all dancing around, they would passed around the bottles and the guys would made me drink. Im not proud. I probably did 6 shoots of those :(

Im guessing I gain. the scale will say tomorrow.
I dont care... I had the best time and was looking great, I was drunk with my vodka, yesterday ended up just having a portion of banana and strawberries and a bag of peanuts so it was easy for me to be drunk. but the cool thing was, I wasnt nasty drunk or wasted, but fun, hyper and happy.

I met the most sweetest guy yesterday! haha! I cant believe it because I usually dont go for guys in bars and clubs, but hes different. super cute, a gentleman, and dances amazing :) Im really excited about this dude! I have no idea what he did to me but I cant stop thinking about him! We talked about everything, laughed, joked around, it was like we knew each other forever! OMG Im like a little girl!!!! Im soooo excited hahaha... hes an amazing kisser and the sweetest thing in the world. He asked my friends for permission to take me home! I never leave a club with strangers but it felt right. I could feel I could trust him so I did. crazy much? Nothing happened lol. He brought me home, kissed goodbye and asked for my number.

Today I've been in bed all day. Dont know if its bc Im super tired or hangover. But it was so worth it :). I hope all of you had great weekends too.

Tomorrow its monday wohooooo!  Lets get started on that diet again.

Food: A banana
          A can of Tuna with Lettuce
Water: 600 ml

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