Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 5

So last night I ended up not going to that party :(
I dont know... it was a huge temptation and I dont feel ready to get into that yet. Maybe for next weekend when Im already on the 10th day I'll be stronger!

I dont have a boyfriend, but this guy I've been seeing on and off invited me out. I stayed home friday night so I didnt want to feel like such a loser and said yes! we went for dinner around 6pm and I was super scared for the food!!! I ordered a caesar salad with salmon instead of chicken. How did I do?

So far today...

Food:  24 Almonds
            A can of tuna
            A green apple
Water: 1.8 liters 

Hey girls, Im doing laundry today, I live by myself, it easier for not eating because I dont have anyone to check on me and my parents live far away from here. Anyway... Im doing laundry and Im feeling kinda weak! Do u guys know any foods I could eat to keep my energy without gaining any weight???

Thank you again for your comments and support!


  1. You asked what coffee do i drink. So coffee is the only thing I drink with milk and sugar. On daily basis I drink 1 cup a day and they are those 3in1 coffee instant packets that you pour hot water e voila! you have coffee. But I do love starbucks. Grande latte (without sugar) is 130 kcal, and grande cappuccino (without sugar is 80 kcal) if you add skim milk to a black cofee and some sweetener you have a delicious beverage. Instead of sweetener you can ask for a flavoured syroup (THE SUGAR FREE IS 0 KCAL!!!) So if you coulnt it in grande coffee with skim milk and sugar free syrup you have like 50 kcal (depends how much milk you add) Also, ceesar salad with salmon? you did perfect .. and classy :D

  2. I drink coffee to get energy. With splenda or another calorie-free sweetener, it's only about 4 calories a cup.
    Cream and milk are what add lots of calories.
    I also take green tea diet pills and those give me a nice burst.
    Also, sugarfree red bull only has 10 cals a can.
    Basically, it's all about caffeine.
    Ha ha!

  3. If you're having trouble with feeling weak and not having enough energy, I would eat a small breakfast with coffee (with sugar-free sweetener and fat-free creamer - if that's your thing). I'd then eat a smallish dinner in the early evening once you start feeling weak/light-headed again. Eating throughout the day will help keep your energy levels up.

  4. I agree coffee can really help but if u really stopped eating like u used to, I don't think u can get that feeling when ur full of energy. But that's okay too. Look at it as a symptom of u losing weight:)