Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 14

Hi guys!
I was so glad to see those comments on my last post! I thought u all forgot about me. Thank you seriously for the support.  So, my stupid computer broke or something, so now I can only post from the office and I dont know whats wrong with the configuration here but I can post as me, but when I try going into your blogs to comment it says Im annonymous or that I dont have a google account. Crazy blogger! Anyway, I will comment as annonymous I guess haha until I figure out what to do with my computer at home. this sucks!

About the guy I met, he added me on facebook haha, and we talked yesterday :) I dont use fb that much, but I guess I will a little bit more now! Today Im the same weight I was yesterday. Im OK with it. I had a small brownie yesterday (really really small I swear), so I was super duper scared of the scale this morning.  I wont do that again. You´re always saying how strong I am and I have to! I wont let you down!

I dont know why I have been drinking less water than last week! but I have to take control again!
Plan for today: Mango, 1.8 liters of water (at least), dont know what to have for late lunch. Im tired of tuna.... Any ideas???? Help!
Love you all!


  1. hope the computer issue fixes itself somehow :-)
    I like having activia yogurt for lunch or soup or salad when I eat lunch. I havent been eating lunch much lately...
    You are so strong and one little brownie is ok. better than a binge right?