Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 6 - Bring it on Monday!

Last night my best friend called me and invited me to go have a beer with a group of friends, but following you guys instructions I said no. HELL NO! Im not putting that crap into my body.
She knows Im on a diet, but have no idea how strict it is, and I dont feel like telling her... when I was 16 I was bulimic and when she found out she told her mom and her mom told my mom and it was so retarded!

she just doesnt get it! she can eat whatever she wants and dont gain a pound! lucky bitch! haha, and I love her to death, but I wanna prove myself! I HAVE to loose this weight for Paris and Im so strong about it now! no one is stopping me!

I forgot to take my pill to suppress appetite yesterday and it was super hard! Im definitely not making that mistake ever again. is the day I've eaten the most.:(
Today I feel so good! full of energy and wanting to go out! I didnt have to work today (yaaay!) so Im gonna take a long walk, hit the malls and buy flowers for my apartment and makeup for me! Im in the best mood!

thank you again for all your help and support! Im making a journal with all your tips and advices! :)
I feel like I know you already! You have been so supportive and I couldnt ask for anything else!

Food:  6 almonds
           A caesar salad with chicken (without dressing)
Water: 1.8 liters


  1. My rule no.1? NEVER TELL PEOPLE YOU ARE DIETING! Why? because the minute thay see you lost weight they will be all over you.. when it comes to parents I try to eat in front of them or swirl around the kitchen so that they think I eat. I don't tell people I am dieting because most of them want you to fail... thats the sad truth..

  2. good job on turning down the beer! If you do drink the lowest calorie would be vodka- around 50 calories an ounce, 40% alcohol so you get the most out of your drinks and can have less, and you can have it with diet soda, 4 drinks=200 calories, which is less than 1 single beer! Keep pushing through!
    P.S. I'm fairly new to blogging, I hope you choose to follow mine as well to keep eachother motivated!

  3. thanks for commenting :-) oh i love paris!! i lived in france for two years and paris is amazing!! how long will you be there? i would love to live in europe again...
    and yeah great job on turning down the beer. light colored rum, vodka and whiskey have the fewest calories per ounce.

  4. AMAZING job refusing the beer outing! :-)

  5. Seriously Awesome on turning down beer! I don't like drinking at all bc I don't want to keep put myself in situations that will make me FAT! LoL! I agree with MLS on everything (am now folling her blog too:D). You are going to feel sooo good in Paris knowing you conquered to get there! You go girl! Stay Strong<3 And Im glad you are comfortable with all of us. We are your friends and we're here for you!