Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 8

Hello ladies!
Today its been a crazy crazy day at work. Sometimes I feel like my boss takes advantage of me and make me do all her job because she knows I cant do anything about it! And she knows how excited I am about Paris! I guess I just have to suck it up for 39 more days.... grrrrrr

I throw away that parfait she got me yesterday. seriously... NOT HEALTHY AT ALL!!! I couldnt resist and stuck my finger into that and taste a little bit of the cereal and yogurt and it was soooo sweet! I had to get rid of it! Everyday I feel more and more strong about my diet! Im more confident and super proud Ive been able to resist the temptation!

I have to go back to work. But I wanted to leave you with pictures of the amazing Jessica Stroup! Look how big she was and how pretty she looks now :)  its a huge inspiration. Even tho I hate her character in 90210.

Thank you one more time for all your support!
I love reading all your blogs! Im so proud of your weight! I can wait to be under 120!!!!!!
So far today....

Food: A portion of green Mango
          15 Almonds
          A small cup of coffee (with sugar! grrrr! I was so stressed this morning!)
          A green apple
          50gr of light peanuts

Water: 1.8 liters



  1. o wow.. your intakes are amazing 0_0 i need to learn how to eat lttle again... it takes practice :) but once you are hooked on it.. it easier :)

  2. great job! hope works starts going better for you though <3

  3. your intake is super amazing!!! i wish i was doing that good! you will be under 120 in no time!! mmm coffee... i think i will have that tomorrow instead of sf red bull :-)

  4. Great idea - losing weight for dreamy journey. I haven't been in Paris but it is for sure beautiful. Good luck!
    PS: Jessica has changed a lot, wow.

  5. Awe thank you, that means so much to me! I went to Paris in high school, you'll definitely love it. Keep up the great work!