Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 15

I still cant figure something out for my computer!
this sucks! I really want to comment on your blogs and I cant! Has anyone had a problem like this with blogger before? It says my account ( has no access to see that page, refering to any blog I go! I hate this!!!!!

This day is absolutly ridiculous! I left my apartment really late for work. Then I get to the office to realize I forgot the office keys at my house. Take a cab back, go for the keys, take another ridiculously expenssive cab back to work and this guy misses the street where he had to turn! GRRRRRR!!!!! ended up walking in the middle of the street trying to get to the office only an hour late!

Seriously! Ive been super cranky because this guy I told you about hasnt called or anything! What the hell! Now I feel like such a loser for: 1st. kissing him, and 2nd. thinking so much about him!
I did a horrible thing yesterday. I ate soooooooo much peanut butter!!!!! I bought the fat free one, because I read somewhere you could have strawberries with a spoon of peanut butter for a healthy snack. Well, I couldnt stop!!! I tried a little bit without the strawberries and fell deep down! Im disgusting!!!! And the worst thing was that I couldnt stop! ---- I can not believe I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to have a social life again!!!!! huge mistake!!!! Going to parties on the wknd, drinking, meeting assholes in bars, going out for lunch with coworkers, and buying that peanut butter! I was better when I was being a loner! not eating at all.... really small intakes..... the girl you guys were proud of! Not this I´ve become this week! :(

I need to get back in track! I need to loose this weight! I was so strong for 13 days and now everything is falling apart! I feel like crying! I suck!

To -MLS- Stay strong honey! Try not to binge. And thanks on the suggestion but I hate omelets haha
To A Friend of Ana. 112.6!!!!!!!! OMFG! youre amazing! congratsss
To Weightless. Im feeling the same! I also need to get back in track. Lets try it together starting next week.
To Skinny Love. A pound every 2 days its awesome! keep up the good work. Dont be like me!

Love you all!


  1. peanut butter.. yeah its a dangerous one.. i have that with nutella. I NEVER buy it because I end up just eating the whole jar on white bread.... as if the nutella by itself is not a kcal bomb

  2. Thanks Anna <3 We CAN and we WILL do this together! Starting monday we can compete to see who will lose the most next week, we will stay on track!