Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 11

I think yesterday was the hardest day ever. Not for the food, but I was feeling super sick, tired and weak. My period cramps combined with constipation and I guess hunger were the worst! I decided to walk from my office to my house intead of taking a cab. Well, I was almost there and felt like fainting. I had to stop and rest.

Oh well, Im better today! Im full of energy and ready to go!
I have a big party tonight! One of my friends rented a limo and everything and Oh gosh I know theres gonna be such much drinking involved!!!!!! Im a little bit scared, but I dont wanna miss it! I havent seen my friends in about 3 weeks! I have to be strong, I just have to! its gonna be a challenge for me, one that I have to overcome!

I have 3 cans of SF redbull! Im thinking on not eating at all. Maybe I'll just have a glass or two of vodka and thats it! I dont know... we'll see how I feel, since yesterday I just had coffee, peanuts and strawberries.
wish me luck ladies! Im going shopping for shoes to lift me up :)

love you all!

1 comment:

  1. Have fun shoes shopping!

    And sugar-free Red Bull is a godsend. I loveee it.