Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 9 - My biggest fear!

Hi girls!
Yesterdays afternoon was pretty good. I was feeling very productive at work and after that I got a call from my mom. I decided to tell her I was on a diet, like you guys suggested and her reaction was awesome! She supported me (I didnt tell her I was just eating fruit and almonds tho haha) and even asked me to send her the diet so she could loose some weight also. Crazy mom.

So, I finally got a scale!!!
I went to the store yesterday to buy some SF Redbull, splenda for my coffee adiction (I can not drink it without sugar, I suck!), more apples and salmon. I was walking around and saw this really cool digital scale and decided to get it! I was super excited, I came back home and throw away a lot of stuff from my fridge. Then I confronted my BIGGEST FEAR.... I dont even want to write how bad it was!!
I mean I knew it was going to be bad, but..... oh well, its just hard to find out youre a disgusting pig! Im 157.3, so that makes my Paris goal a little bit harder! I need to loose 24.2 pounds before September 25th.
----------------------------until here I wrote it last night before going to bed.

And even tho, this was discouranging news :(
I have a purpose and the ambition to archive it! So yeah, its gonna be harder, but not impossible! I feel like I can conquer anything with you guys support! Now my mom is also helping me. She got me pills for constipation, I wasnt doing any #2 since day 3 of the diet hahaha! So that will probably help too!

And the BEST of all news is that I woke up this morning  to try again my new scale an it showed 151.58!!!! I seriously have no fucking clue how I lost 5.72 pounds over a night! That thing has to be broken or something! I thought I was standing wrong or something. I did it like 9 times and every single time it showed the same 151.58. Im thinking probably last night gave me a wrong weight. I didnt check and only did it once. But whatever! Im excited now and it seems like my diet is working! After my happy discover I tried on a dress I used to wear all the time for work. Very simple and classy, but the last time I tried it it was super tigh on my arms and I looked like a cow in a dress! well ladies..... it fitted!!!

Im on such a great mood now! Thank you one more time for everything! You guys are THE BEST! And since I was feeling inspired, this is for you........

I wish I could take you all to Paris with me :)

So far today...
Food: A portion of green Mango (i love this!)
          A Tuna Salad (olive oil for dressing)
          18 almonds

Water: 1.8 liters


  1. i love your little artsy thing :-) makes me feel really special! I wish i could go to paris with you too!! walk la seine for me!! :-)
    yay for having a scale!!!!

  2. haha if it does count at weight lifting... i did a hell of a workout! the coffee was great and kept me awake all the way through physics!
    i really am inspired and amazed by your intakes! they are fabulous!!

  3. awh!! I was in such a terrible mood and now I am lifted <3 you're amazing, I love it. And conrats on your loss and the dress fitting, keep this motivation going and you'll turn every head in paris

  4. Congrats!!! This seriously just made me sooo happy. Seeing you in the low 150's and so happy is reminding me of when I used to be there and how happy I was haha and is def motivating me for tomorrow!!

    Good luck, you are doing so amazing. Keep this up and you are going to be so confident while in Paris ;)

  5. AWWWW!!! Thanks for our little shout out! That seriously perked me up and made me smile! You are soo great! Im soo happy for you, with your mom, and your scale, and your weightloss, and your dress, and your intake! Your AMAZING!
    Stay Strong Baby Doll! You can doo this!