Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 7

I cant stand my mom!!! seriously! she always says I need to loose weight, I should start a diet, I have to exercise more, blah blah blah.......... So I called her today to asked her to send me more of those pills Ive been taking. She was like "Yeah, I ll send u those! but youre not gonna loose a pound if you keep drinking how you been doing it! how was your wknd btw?" and I said "well mom, you ll be proud to know I didnt have a drink this wknd!" and she 1st. laugh at me! 2nd. said "haha yeah right! I dont believe u, so dont even try!"

Im sooooooooo freaking mad at her right now! I hang up! I couldnt talk to her anymore! its like she doesnt have any faith on me! and that makes me so sad, because Ive been trying so hard! and Ive been so dicipline! oh well.... sorry, Im just really upset right now.

So far today. Nothing.
I need to start drinking my water.
love you guys! I cant believe some of you are even more supportive than my own family! Thank u for that

++++++ EDIT

Im so much more calm now! Thank u for your sweet comments :)

Now the issue is my boss... When she found out last week I wasnt eating a big lunch she freaked out and gave me a preaching on loosing weigth the "healthy way". Shes french btw, I work for a french company and thats why Im going to Paris. anyway... shes not your typical french lady.
Before meeting her I imagined her tall, skinny, red head,  blue eyes, fashionable... well shes totally the opposite haha. Not that tall,  dark skin, brown hair and brow eyes, not fashionable at all (somedays she wears tenis shoes to come to work), and not skinny!

So lately shes been acting kinda weird and sometimes I feel like she wants me to gain weight! She said I dont need to loose a pound. But its not about what she thinks! its about how I feel! well she walked into the office today with a parfait from a cafe around the office and gave it to me. Thank god I was eating a mango when she gave it to me, because I had the perfect excuse to put it in the fridge and tell her I was going to eat it later. Im soooo dying to eat it, but Im sure is not healthy at all, it has like 3 different kinds of fruits, sugary cereal and a pink yougurt Im possitive its not fat free :(

Then she gave me a bag of M&M´s and not even the small one! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! so much temptation!
What should I do with her? Should I throw away the parfait? What if she notices it?

Food:  A portion of Mango (Green, acid mango with lemon and salt. I should avoid the salt but its
           sooo good and at the end is a fruit right? I was craving this kind of mango for a while. I
           dont like sweet mangos)
           17 Almonds
           A can of Tuna
Water: 2.1 liters


  1. thats too bad about your mom... but at least she wants you to lose weight so she supports that at least. my mom freaks every time she notices i lose weight... water is great!!! :-)

  2. Wow I can't believe she would be like that! My mom always supports me if I am "eating healthy" but she would never say I need to lose weight, that can mess you up!

  3. Well I think people laugh at others in such situations to make themself feel better... maybe she fears that ones you loose weight you will be more confident and you wont need her anymore?

  4. Give up drinking for good! That will really throw her off. Your doing great! Don't let her bring you down. Imagine her supporting you and saying things you would like her to say. Be patient, pray about her, and be honest with her hurting your feelings. Tell her you are on a diet to please her. See how she reacts. If its a cruel reaction just brush it off. It would just prove she is not that strong a person. Strong ppl are positive even when it is hard. You can be her example by not letting her get to you. Stay Strong<3 Think: "Paris Paris Paris!"
    J.P. Love you girly, chin up, for reallies:D

  5. I had a french teacher who looked like that :) as for the boss.. she could have given you a mac donalds happy meal, but she gave you a mango :) thats not too bad :D. I LOOOOOVE mango. I like them green too :)