Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 20 - Happy Anna is back!!!!


What did this guy do!!!!!!!!!? are u fucking kidding me????? Is there any better inspiration than this???? WOW!!! Seriously!!!!! I was watching the MTV VMAs last night and when this guy presented an award I was like who the hell is that??? Then he started making fun of his lost weight and I realized who he was!

What better way to start the week! Im sorry again for letting you down the past days.... I feel so much better now and Im ready to start again. As I was afraid of, I gain a lot of weight! Im 155.1 and it couldnt be worse. I feel like all I worked for the past 2 weeks I screwed it up in 4 days. Im very disappointed on myself. But I need to get it back! starting from now until Paris.

Although this was discouraging news, Im full of energy and ready to start out fresh! Remember the guy I met last week? Well he called when I was at my worst and was the sweetest person ever! I like him a lot. Friday night we went on a proper first date and had dinner and then cocktails! grrrrrrrr!!! we´ve been talking every single day since then and I feel great. He was a big help to get my mood back in track, but not the best for my diet. anyway....... Im in a really happy place now and ready to go! Thanks again for all the support! I wont let you down again!



  1. glad to hear you are back on your feet and things are going well!!

  2. can't wait to hear how you did in the morning!
    I ate about 450 and worked out for 45 minutes :) yay back on track

  3. Don't worry about those date, if he's worth it you can forget about calories for a moment, maybe he'll reward sacrifices.