Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 19

Hi guys!
Thank you so much for all the support. I was really sad last week.... not only because of the eating but I dont know. I just felt so lonely. it was bad. and Im not proud of what I did.
It was not only one day. thursday, then friday, I ate horrible this weekend, I suck!!!!!

I forgot about everything. why was I dieting for? Work was crazy this week. I was falling apart, everything was bad. Im so sorry to let you down! I left myself down too. :(

Im ready to start over from tomorrow! I still have 28 days until I go to Paris. Its gonna be a fresh start and I need all your help and support to keep on track. Im super scared of the scale, I NEED to weight tomorrow morning and start again, but I will die if I gain too much. Seriously!

I have to be strong!!!!!!!!! I want all of you to be proud of me! enough is enough!!!!! I screwed it up this 4 days. but Im ready to smile again and clean my body from all the crap I putted in.


  1. yay for motivational monday <3 no excuses tomorrow you'll do great!!

  2. Today will be great!! We can make it great!! Glad you are back! :-)
    Let's keep losing!