Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 13

its been almost 2 weeks already since I started and every day seem more easy to archive it with success. Yesterday tho was a little harder than usual. Once again I forgot to take my pill in the morning since I slept almost until 2pm! so I just had fruit and a salad around 6pm.

watching jersey shore (oh yeahh big fan right here!) at night I felt this necessity to eat something. I went to the kitchen but I couldnt find anything!! agggg frustrating! I ended up having two hard boiled eggs.
Ok, down to business... Friday I was at 151.8 and after a not so good weekend, with the drinks sat night and the eggs yesterday, today I am 149.16

Im OK with this. Not super excited, but cant also be mad! I mean I lost 2.64 pounds in 3 days even having a couple of drinks. So Im gonna keep going :) I´ll be very strict this week and see how are things by the end of the week.

I decided Im gonna keep going after Paris for a rocking body by halloween!
I saw this costume and I just looooooooove everything about it! I cant wait to be a peacock! haha

The plan for today is: Fruit. probably mango or an apple. 18 almonds and a cesar salad.


  1. you're so strong! wow good job on the loss

  2. I love that dress! I hadn't even thought about costumes for Halloween lol.
    Good job on the loss.

  3. I read your last post and yay to cute, nice guys! I can't believe you met one in a bar. Let us know if he calls! Congrats on the loss girl <3

  4. i love how motivated you are all the time!!! It really makes me want to keep going when i am not so strong. Congrats on getting to the 140s :-)
    you are amazing!!! and yay for the guy! he seems so sweet taking you home and kissing you good night. adorable.

  5. lol, a peacock. <3

    that's amazing. i haven't even thought about my costume yet. congrats on the drop, by the way. :) isn't it the best feeling ever?